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Asset Management Services

Oak Cap Ventures LLC (“OCV”) provides asset management services to a select group of clients consisting of high-net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors for all asset classes within the commercial real estate segment. OCV creates and implements customized investment strategies that are tailored to each specific asset. 

Asset management services encompass day to day operations as well as long term strategic planning to enhance the properties long-term value. Due to our active involvement in the investment, development, and management of commercial real estate assets, we’re constantly analyzing market data to stay ahead of market trends to position ourselves and our clients to capitalize on macro market changes.

Our customized hands-on approach allows our clients to determine how to best position their real estate portfolios and execute tailored investment strategies to achieve their short and long-term investment objectives.

Contact Us

John M. Eddy

Director of Operations

P: 415.688.5115
E: [email protected]